Recent classroom volunteers

Monica Campbell is a freelance writer based in New York and a former Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. From 2003-2008, she was based in Mexico City, writing regularly for The Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle and Newsweek.
Annie Chenaphun is a former control room producer and writer for NY1 News.
Louise Crawford is founder and editor of Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, a popular hyper local news website, and director of the annual Brooklyn Blogfest. A longtime film and video editor and director, she is the Smartmom columnist for the Brooklyn Paper and a freelance writer who has written for and the Associated Press.
Stephanie Gaskell is editor and publisher of The War Report. She has reported from Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo and was a reporter for the New York Daily News and New York Post.
Carla Graubard is a founding principal of Quantum Media. She specializes in providing senior-level management consulting services to media and direct-marketing companies.
Clara Hemphill is senior editor at the New School’s Center for New York City Affairs. She was founding editor of the website, a project of Advocates for Children, and has written three guides to the city’s schools.
Lesley Messer is a reporter for People magazine.
Brian O’Leary is founder and principal of Magellan Media and former production director at Time. He is an adjunct professor in the publishing program at New York University.
Carolyn Purcell is a former senior executive producer at Turner Broadcasting (“In Session” and “Court TV”) and producer for CBS News.
Wayne Robins is a veteran rock music critic and author of “A Brief History of Rock, Off the Record.”
Ava Seave is a principal at Quantum Media. She has provided senior-level management consulting services to many media companies, specializing in marketing, strategic planning, new product development and post-merger integration. For many years she was general manager of The Village Voice.
Mary Staub is a freelance writer and dancer from Switzerland who teaches journalism at New York University and ESL at University Settlement. She has written for the New York Sun, Travel + Leisure, Encore Magazine, Dancer Magazine, Ballet Tanz and the Basler Zeitung (in German), among other publications.
Jennifer West is former Night News Editor for the Financial Times’ website,, and was a writer and producer for CNN Financial News and CNN International. She is getting at master’s degree at New York University in Childhood and Special Education.
Julie Winterbottom is former Editor-in-Chief of Nickelodeon Magazine. She is currently a freelance writer and editor.
Helen Zelon is a writer for City Limits and Inside Schools and a contributing writer at the Center for New York City Affairs and for

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