News Network: Goals, Timeline, Budget


Our chief goal is to build a stronger sense of community inside schools, by giving students a serious journalistic voice and a real stake in the civic business of their school. The project also has an important role to play in improving literacy skills,  giving disengaged students a good reason to come to school, and in securing a healthier future for quality journalism. Our collaboration with students instills a deep appreciation in the next generation of voters for the vital role that serious reporting and editing can play in a healthy democracy. Easily replicable, the project will likely become a model for school systems across the United States.

Launching a Pilot

Over the next two years, we plan to launch a pilot news network. It will be based in one multi-high-school campus and serve all the high schools in the campus. Each individual school will have its own newspaper and news website; a campus-wide site will publish news of interest to the entire community.  (Click here to see a sample one-page proposal.)

Growing the Model

With the demonstration running successfully, we expect to create a network of up to 10 such “news bureaus.”  These will be distributed geographically to form the spine of a citywide news network that will serve teenagers across the city.  Schools that wish to participate but are not located in such a campus are welcome to join.  The accompanying map shows a hypothetical distribution of such bureaus.  Many of the schools on the map have indicated an interest in our program. Principals and other educators interested in participating are urged to send us a short note, using this site’s contact form, with “School Bureau” in the subject field.


Envisioning a Network

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 3.24.53 PM

 All schools named on the map have expressed interest in joining our news network.

(Map: NYC Department of Education)





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