Journalism Meets Education: Making Schools Better

Journalists in Schools is creating the first news network to serve public high school students across a single city. Our newsrooms are inside New York City public high schools. Youth drive the content, in all forms of media. They are mentored every step of the way by journalists and professionals in related fields.  On our site you can read about our vision and, under the Results tab, see our achievements so far in print and online.



We seek partnering schools to join a pilot program. Students in each school will cover their campus. The best of these stories, plus in-depth reports by a select team, will be featured on our project’s interactive news website, for students across the city to read and talk about. For the first time, students in different schools in the same school system will collect and share information about issues and concerns they have in common. Our nonprofit will manage the network, along with students. We will encourage dialogue and joint problem-solving, informed by the serious journalism our students produce. It’s groundbreaking.

Join Us as a  Partnering School or a Volunteer!